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Objectman=Custom Web Software

Custom Web Software=OOP

OOP=Object Oriented Programming
To plan for your company's future, start with a design that can grow for all your future needs. The main thing Objects do is to break a large problem into a set of objects that talk to each other where each object has a very specific responsibility.

This allows complexity to become simple.

This allows for better maintenance and future expandability.

By Terry Voss

Custom Web Software=Portable

Mobile usage is just starting*.

Mobile is the future of the Internet*.

20% of all telecom searches are with mobile*.

Now we must program for mobile first*.

So Objectman writes for Mobile Devices first with all apps, and for iPads, Droid Tablets, Readers, PCs and TVs (ie Googletv etc) because all apps must run on all devices. Why? Because the smartphone rules in the car, but maybe the tablet rules in the kitchen, the pc is the best type input, the tv is the best demonstration for your visiting friends. Why not????

* supporting document and great resource:

Custom Web Software=Scalable

If you believe in your companies future, why not invest in software that can grow with your company, so you never have to start over?

One unified piece of software that all use the same data and framework, that can do everything your future business will ever need, and it doesn't cost any more to do it right.

To be expandable software must be object oriented, be able to use large data, be secure, and scale to many server computers.

Your first website might only avertise your company.

Now you add some automated services for your clients like scheduling your service.

Now you need an app available to only employees in different locations across town with varying security accesses.

Now you want your clients to see part of your backend application that might be a history with 20 million records, and this is so easy because you have one integrated application.

Now a major client demands that you connect to their apps, no problem.

Now you go international. No problem.

Custom web Software=WebApp

1) A Mobile Website runs on all platforms, Mobile Apps don't;
2) Websites are much less expensive than Mobile Apps to develop.
3) Websites are easier to maintain.
4) Websites are can be big data and object oriented, therefore expandable.
5) Mobile Apps are fast and use the device features optimumly.
6) Therefore if we handle performance and Mobile features we
can have the best of both worlds in one application.

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Directions to Office

2403 N Nettleton St Spokane 99205

from Maple St turn West onto NW blvd
go 4 blocks and turn left on Belt St
go 3 blocks and turn right on Carlisle
go 2 blocks, dead ends at my circular
driveway, park anywhere.

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2403 North Nettleton Street
Spokane Washington 99205
Tel: 509-998-9234


Microsoft MVP - ASP.NET (5years)
Contracted by Microsoft to do many certification exams
25 years independent consulting, custom desktop/web
Mentoring for development skill/tools
35 years Business management experience
BA in Physics, but more credit in Mathematics, logic, linquistics at Stanford


Lead Developer, Architect experience
.NET Framework with VB/C#
Strong language skills, 12 years of OOP
Entity Framework, LINQ
N-Tier distributed architecture allowing scalability/maintenance
NUnit Testing Framework
Microsoft SQL Server 2008, TSQL, WMI
MS SQLServer Reporting Services (Expert status)
Microsoft Visual FoxPro version 9,
Jquery, Jquery.Mobile, JSON, AJAX, IIS, Security
SEO, Social Marketing
Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography & Video


Gift Card POS, inventory, ecommerce, 100% mobile ready. Email program full featured with international patents;
Northwest Vital Records Management
(Archiving of large company documents for National level);
European Touch-keyboard for Robot control;
Internet Customizable Parts Sales/Distribution;
Oil Analysis: Laboratory Information Mgmt;
Physical Therapy Documentation/Billing/Accounting;
TEI Alliance Mfg capacity/requirements tracking;
Telecommunications: webfarm/webgarden, 100 companies simultaneous;
Full accounting system, customized for over 20 companies
(above is OOP/WEB);
Web application involving real time auto auctions;
Web app involving mortgage loans app for multiple lenders;
Web app allowing bids on leases for large ticket items;
Trust Management Accounting (more complete than any existing package)
Real-time stock quotes and yield with trust management app;
Manufacturing inventory modeling app, much Ecommerce

OTHER: Columnist, Editor


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Northwest Vital Records

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